the Ingredients


 We strive our best to source and use only the finest and most wholesome ingredients available! Our products are made from 100% natural, organically-grown wheat and rye. We use only pure cane sugars. Our eggs come from local, happy chickens. Fruit and vegetable ingredients are sourced as close to home as we can. Unfortunately, not everything can be found in our back yards. But that does not stop us from looking!

Our main ingredient is flour, and Western NC is not known for abundant grain crops; however, we are so very fortunate to have access to incredible millers and mill resources:

Carolina Ground is our primary source for southern-grown, southern-milled grains. The proprietor is dedicated to procuring only the best organic grains straight from the farms, stone-milling for the most nutrition and flavor, and then direct-sourcing to the bakers for the freshest product - eliminating the environmental and financial impacts of long-distance grain transportation and warehousing. We pick up our flour at the mill in Asheville within days of the mill-date - something you cannot have with commodity grain flours. Literally from the farmer to the miller to the baker! 

Lindley Mills comes with quite a history - a mill before the United States was the United States. In Graham County, NC, Lindley mills is a 10th generation flour mill with a focus on organic and healthy grains. With unique products like their organic sprouted wheat flour, we had to say yes!