the Bread


 The oldest know manufactured food; bread has been the staple of the majority of the human diet for millenia. Flour, water, and salt are all that make up a basic loaf - not the amalgam of ingredients and additves used in most modern, store-brought bread-like-subtances where the goal is on speed, shipability, storability and the widest profit margin. Our focus is on providing a wholesome, nutritious loaf showcasing the flavor of the grains and all that they can be. We combine both traditional and modern techniques with the finest ingredients available to yield healthy, delicious sustenance. 


Sourdough is not a flavor of bread - it is a natural process in which through fermentation, the complex starches are broken down. This only enables the bread to be more digestible, but making available the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that are trapped in the ground grains that are not available by eating fast-processed commercial bread. Additionally, the fermentation process leaves behind a pleasantly-complex sour flavor and carbon dioxide bubbles that leaven the bread. Nature's perfect manufacturing process!

Pain au Levain: A traditional French method that literally means, "leaven bread." A mildly-lactic, moist and chewy crumb with a deep-colored crust. This complexly-flavored bread is made from only flour, water and salt!
  • White - a little bit of a misnomer, this is a blend of whole wheat and white bread flours make a lighter, higher crumb that many favor. 
  • Whole-Wheat - 100% Carolina Ground Whole Wheat bread flour - has an almost honey-like aroma when being extracted from the oven. Much darker than the "white" as expected from a whole-wheat bread and much more flavorful; however, not harsh and bitter as other whole-wheat breads tend to be.
  • Whole-Wheat Whole-Grain - we take the whole-grain bread to another level by adding a blend of seven organic grains and local honey
  • Sprouted Wheat - made with 100% Lindley Mills' organic Super Sprout™ flour, this unique sourdough has a naturally sweet and nutty flavor profile with the increased health benefits of sprouted wheat and the ease of digestibility due to the increased enzymatic action of the malted flour combined with a long, natural sourdough fermentation process. 

Rugbrød: A hearty Danish rye that differs significantly from deli rye or pumpernickel. Most rye loaves contain only 30-40% rye flour in comparison to our rugbrød which contains over 90% Carolina Ground rye. Our three-day fermentation process enhances the natural sweetness of the grain. The addition of whole rye grains, sunflower, pumpkin and flax seeds (when available) and a bit of local, raw honey makes for a nutrient-dense treat!

Yeasted Breads

Before the packaging of bread yeast (really, beer-yeast) came to pass, commercial bakeries were co-located next to breweries. The cast-off yeast cake left over from the brewing process was an excellent leavener for bread-making. As technology improved, a method for making yeast shelf-stable was developed and now constitutes the majority of the leaveing in modern bread. Commercial yeast has the advantage of making a very consistent product and usually in less time and much less finiciness of sourdough cultures. It also provides a less acidic flavor profile than sourdough.

Pain Francais: A yeasted cousin to our Pain au Levain, yet an entirely different bread altogether. A tighter crumb with a more familiar texture, but still a crusty artisan form. Excellent for sanwiches or slathered in butter with dinner!
  • White - like its cousin, this is a blend of whole wheat and white bread flours make a lighter, higher crumb that many favor. 
  • Wheat - 100% Carolina Ground bread flour - a little more dense, a lot more flavor and with the added nutrition of the retained wheat bran and germ!
Grandpa Cox' Wheat: Kathy's grandfather Rolland passed down the bread his family has made as long as he can remember. This bread was likely the staple that carried him through the Great Depression. A tight-crumbed loaf that makes an excellent platform for building a sandwich and rolls that make for the best hamburger buns! All Carolina-Ground bread flour meets organic sorghum molasses from Muddy Pond in the hills of Tennessee and enriched with local eggs - a tasty and filling bite of family history!  
Semolina Sesame: Never did we consider that the same flour used to make hard pasta would make such a delicious bread. One of our best-sellers, Semolina Sesame is lightly yellow in color with a light fragrance of cooked, quality pasta and coated in sesame seeds. A very tender and flavorful best-seller! When mom and dad say it's the best, you are darn-tootin' this one is a must-try!
Focaccia: A veritable culinary canvas! Customers' feedback include various uses for this flatbread - split horizontally and use as pizza crust, cut into squares and use as sandwich bread, smaller squares as dinner rolls, thin slices for crostino... and the list goes on! We offer the following:
  • Plain - a blank canvas 
  • Kalamata Olive and Herb - select Greek olives and local herbs
  • Roasted Red Pepper and Garlic - mid- to late-summer when the peppers are ripe, we fire roast trays and trays of red sweet peppers - this one is our favorite and always sell out! 
  • Roasted Tomato and Basil - like the red peppers, when there is an abundance of tomatoes in the summer, we fire roast them. Add a slice of mozzerella and place under the broiler for an impromptu Margherita pizza.
Cinnamon Swirl: With or without rasins makes the ideal breakfast toast... and French toast! Made from 100% Carolina Ground bread flour so it is packed with much more nutrition and much less additives than its commercial supermarket counterpart. Sweet butter, Vietnamese cinnamon and golden rasins are spiraled-in for this tasty treat!