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the Backwoods Bakery

Thoughtfully-sourced, lovingly-crafted

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Handcrafted flavor.

Artisan Bread, Sourdough, Boule, Baguette, Stone-Milled Flour
Artisan Bread
Turnover, pastry, laminated pastry
Baked Treats and Eats
about us:

We are a NCDA-certified microbakery nestled in the backwoods of Western NC. A true "mom and pop" shop, we work together to bake the finest the area has to offer. With no "brick-and-mortar,"  our public offerings can be found at area farmers markets and events as well as local retailers and restaurants. 

Wood fired oven
artisan bread, stone ground flour, sourdough, naturally leavened
our products

Thoughtfully-Sourced - we work diligently to ensure our products are made with as wholesome, natural and as premium-quality ingredients as possible. We source locally and organically as available.

Lovingly-Made - we are truly hands-on. We bake in small-batches with a minimum of machinery and no automation. Much of our product was based on handed-down recipes or learned through mentors or research and development.

Bread in the raw... just add water and salt.

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